Why Is Nuru Massage Gaining Popularity Among Women?

In our sedentary, monotonous life, everybody wants some amount of fun to spice it up. The widespread craving for pleasure is well known, and the same is valid for both sexes. Tantric massage is one such means which provides absolute pleasure and ecstasy and comes with various health benefits.

Tantric massage is an art that can be mastered by both a masseuse or a masseur if one is skilled enough. The effectiveness of the massage depends on the skillset of the person administering the service. A woman always craves a complete body unlocking, and tantric massage takes it to a different level. 

Tantric massage not only excites the sensual feeling but is also responsible for emotional awakening through the flow of sexual energy. The massage helps a woman reach such a deep, relaxed state of mind that it leads a woman to surrender completely and reach the pinnacle of ecstasy. Most women prefer and feel more comfortable if a female massage therapist performs the massage. 

Primary Reasons For The Increased Popularity

Lately, Tantric massage has gained overenthusiastic popularity amongst the women community. Though erotic and sensual feelings are strong reasons, they are not the sole reasons for this over increasing popularity, as experts of Nuru Massage London suggest. Let us uncover the secrets.

Therapeutic Experience

One of the key reasons Tantric Massage is gaining popularity could be for therapy. In recent times, the growing sexual harassments, physical assaults, domestic violence, and other atrocities being done to women could be a primary reason women prefer the safe Tantric Massage to fulfil their needs. 

Nuru massage London has highly skilled massage therapists who are experts in administering safe and effective massage to fulfil all the cravings, be it sensual, emotional or mental.

Tantric massage includes naked session, but experts of Nuru Massage London perform it very carefully. The sessions begin with full clothing and dive deeper into sensual levels slowly so that there is no suddenness to trigger any traumatic experience. So as not to initiate any negative vibes, the massage necessitates detailed and systematic planning. The blockages of the pathway of the seven chakras are slowly removed, and the natural defence system of a woman’s body is taken care of delicately so that a woman can reach her actual sexuality and be reborn into her true self.  


Cravings For Pleasure

The following reason is pleasure, of course. Tantric massage helps a woman surrender herself rather than make an effort to realise her sensuality. The key to effectively enjoy a tantric massage is to go with the flow and not resist the process. A great Tantric Massage leads to great sex and is much more appealing and effective than tension-focused sex for pleasing the other person. 

With the slow and sensual rub on the delicate parts and a body to body massage, the sexual energy is in a heightened state and flows out, providing a heavenly experience of sexual ecstasy. 

Experts of Nuru Massage London are very efficient and experienced in performing the Tantric Massage correctly and most effectively, which will make you realise your sensuality and open a different dimension for your sexuality. 

Benefits Of Tantric Massage

The various health benefits which could also be a cause of the increasing popularity of Tantric Massage are: 

  1. Health and Healing: Tantra massage therapy carefully uses sexual energy for various healing processes. It stimulates specific points responsible for curing specific ailments like shoulder pain, chronic back pain, and stress-related issues. 
  2. Eliminating Blockages: Various blockages arise in the path of the life energy arising from the root chakra due to our sedentary lifestyle. Experts of Nuru massage London can sense the blockages and apply precise methods to eliminate them, creating a sense of renewed vitality and freedom. 
  3. Realising Full Orgasmic Potential: Conventional lovemaking is specific to the genital areas, making the orgasmic process last a few minutes, but in a real sense, orgasm is to last for a prolonged duration of several minutes or even hours. Tantric massage makes the orgasm not bound to the genitals, but the chill and ecstasy get radiated throughout the body, making the sexual energy explode and reach the tantric dimension of sexuality.
  4. Deeper Sense Of Fulfillment: Tantric Massage lets you free your mind from past trauma and stress, allowing you to come alive and get reborn into a different state. It brings forth a new way of life, unshackling you from the chains binding you to your past life, and presents you with fresh clarity for your future. This instigates joy and a deep sense of freedom.