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Breaking The Taboo Surrounding Happy Ending Massage

In monotonous everyday life, happy ending massages are a welcome change that adds spice to one’s routine schedule. The fun element is that it seems wrong but feels very good. But should they really be considered wrong? It involves running oiled hands all over your body, which is not much different from regular massage. Regular massages are deemed acceptable by society, then why is erotic massage frowned upon?

What Is Happy Ending Massage?

In a Happy Ending Massage or an erotic massage, a masseuse runs their oily hands all over your body, which arouses you. The masseuse then finishes you off with a wonderful orgasm experiencing the ecstasy of having a massage with a delightful orgasm. A girl mainly performs it to a boy. It is a regular massage involving finishing off the guy with a lovely handjob or more. Most people fantasize about this massage, which is why it is considered a taboo. If casual tinder dates and unlimited pornography are somehow acceptable, why is a sexual massage with no strings attached considered bad?

Benefits Of A Happy Ending Massage

Massages involve rubbing the body gently with oiled hands, which is scientifically proven to increase blood circulation, help stimulate the lymphatic system, heightened mental awareness, and reduce stress hormones. Massages help ease muscle ache and joint pain the same way we rub the area where we are hurt. Massages are just a bit more gentle and scientific, mostly curated to reap numerous health benefits like improving chronic back pain, insomnia and reducing stress and anxiety in the stressful life of ours.

Massages induce relaxation, which significantly benefits the digestive system and respiratory system by digesting food more efficiently and deep, slow breathing due to relaxation. In happy ending massages, you not only reap all the benefits of a regular massage but you are utterly relaxed due to the release of certain endorphins or hormones in the body. Some primary ones include:

  • Oxytocin: This is a bonding hormone that warms you up and attracts you towards the opposite sex. This hormone is mainly responsible for creating emotional bonds with your partner.
  • Serotonin: This is a mood stabilizing hormone found mostly in antidepressant medicines due to this property. This is a feel-good hormone that reduces stress, anxiety and makes you euphoric.
  • Dopamine: This is a very commonly heard hormone that is responsible for pleasure stimulation. This is the hormone released after great sex, or the rush felt after achieving something. Dopamine activates the brain’s pleasure centre, making the massage even more delightful.

After having an orgasm post-sex, a person feels highly relaxed, chilled, and exceptionally sleepy. This is due to the release of endorphins and hormones like oxytocin and serotonin. Massages improve mood or feelings as well as attention and focus because due to the improved blood circulation, blood rushes to the brain and stimulates it.

Happy ending massages help in skincare too. The blood flow caused due to rubbing and stimulating the skin causes blood to flow better and provides a fresh glow, similar to facial, but for the entire body.

How Can We Break The Taboo?

Experts from Nuru massage London suggest that the only way to break this taboo is to make this massage more acceptable in society. It is highly ironic that inspite of so many health benefits of erotic massage, it is considered inappropriate and frowned upon. Some people argue that this is a type of prostitution since you are paying for a sexual experience. Prostitution is illegal in many countries, and the secrecy of these massage parlours makes people feel uncomfortable and give off this negative feeling.

In some massages, intercourse may take place. But this is not mentioned in the contracts and is an optional facility after the consent of both the partners. This then becomes consensual sex between two adults. The plain meaning of erotic massage is limited to massage and a handjob to help you orgasm.

Many pornographic websites negatively portray Asian happy ending massage, causing the social stigma around the same. Humans are biological animals entitled to have sex, and it should not be considered weird if professional help is sought for the same. So if you ever get the opportunity of experiencing erotic massage, grab it with open arms, and enjoy it to your fullest.

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