Celebs That Love Naughty Massages

Have you ever thought of getting a Nuru massage but backed off? Or did you have one and it did not go out that well? Well, you must check out the services by Nuru Massage London Company. They are incredible at Nuru massages and offer unique ways to make it a success. You must know about Nuru massages and how they are carried out. So, read on to learn more about this incredible massage method.

What exactly is Nuru massage and how is it done?


Founded in Kawasaki, Japan, Nuru massage is a method of massage in which the masseuse and the client are naked with their bodies covered in oil or lotion. The lotion is preferably tasteless and colorless. Moreover, instead of a lotion, even gel could be used. With this, the masseuse glides her body against the client’s body in such a way that it helps the body soak the gel faster and efficiently. 

Why should I get a Nuru massage done?


There are several advantages of getting a Nuru massage. So, check them out because they will help you surely make up your mind to get one done.

  • The massage offers a great way to rejuvenate your skin. Since the Nuru gel is highly rich in nutrients, it helps your skin to gain back the glow that it might have lost with all the traveling.
  • It is a healthy way to reduce stress. Yes, when facing problems like tension, or headache, go get yourself a Nuru massage because it will help the brain relax and refresh.
  • Your body will be fully activated during the message and this is a great way to feel fresh once again, after hectic and exhaustive work life. 
  • Nuru massage increases flexibility. Just like exercise, Nuru massage is beneficial when you want to increase your flexibility. Since there is intense physical contact, it helps stretch muscles laterally as well as longitudinally- more than one could normally do.
  • If you happen to be facing problems with posture, you must consider going for Nuru massage because it also improves posture. When you are getting a Nuru massage, the way that it is done ensures that your posture is benefited, too. The skeletal arrangement is benefitted because this massage relaxes all the sore muscles in the body. So, the muscles recover after the massage.
  • A Nuru massage increases erotic sensitivity. The massage also solves problems that are related to arousal and ensures healing.

Which celebrities go for Nuru massage? 

Due to these advantages of this amazing massage therapy, several celebrities go for a Nuru massage once in a while.

For instance, Sean Love Combs, commonly known as P Diddy, is very fond of Nuru massage and loves to get one of these erotic massages once in a while. According to the star, Nuru massage is a great and fun way to celebrate sensuality.

Moreover, Scarlett Johannsson is into tantric massage, a form of Nuru massage. And not just her, but even the enormously famous musician Sting also enjoys getting Nuru massages and is truly open about it. Furthermore, Tom Hank’s wife has openly admitted her love for sensual massages. Other celebrities include Lady Gaga and Kanye West, too. 

Several other celebrities are frank about admitting their love for erotic massages. So, if you are thinking of giving it a try, then you should just go for it. 

What is Nuru Massage London Company?

Nuru Massage London Company is an establishment that aims to provide the best Nuru massages in London. Their services are immensely professional and efficient. You would surely experience 100% satisfaction with your investment. The masseuses at Nuru Massage London Company are experts at their job and ensure premium massage services for their clients. The Japanese gel that the company uses for Nuru massages is very rich in nutrients and this would also help your skin in nourishment.

You could easily book a Nuru massage session anytime by simply calling on the phone number mentioned on their official website. So, if you happen to be in London, then do not forget to book a massage session and enjoy this incredibly satisfying erotic massage.