Looking for a Nuru Massage in London?

If you are on holiday in Central London and looking for London’s secrets, the places the real fun happens, having a Nuru Massage can provide you with memories that will be imprinted in your mind for all eternity.

Imagine you stumble on our local listing in google maps under Nuru Massage Central London and up it pops, ‘Nuru Touch’ your curiosity is tingling.

The description Is ‘the best nuru massage in London,’ hmm you muse, well that sounds promising.

You take that first tentative step and give the number a call, only to be connected to a sensual, warm and husky voice on the other end, stimulating your curiosity further.

You say in an assertive manner doing your best to sound chirpy and pleasant

‘Hi I’m on holiday in London and I’m just looking for a Nuru massage today could you help…???’ and you start chatting with the young woman who tells you her name is Cheryl.

Its clear Cheryl knows exactly what she’s doing as with pin point accuracy Cheryl draws out of you all your desires piecing together your perfect woman, perfect time, perfect place!!!

It catches you a little of guard as your imagination starts to wonder onto what these bombshells Cheryl is describing look like. Your mind will conjure all kinds of erotic flashes of images before your eyes as excitement pulses through your veins.

Cheryl then calmly guides you through the gallery on your phone and suddenly your eye catches a seductive brunette named Caroline. As the excitement is starting to tingle up your spin there was a little connection between you and the twinkle in her eye.

So it is done You booked your first Nuru Massage in London! You hop in a cab and fly as quick as London traffic will take you, to be greeted be breathtakingly beautiful temptress named Caroline-

As you enter her private apartment the waves of sensuality roll over your somewhat frazzled looking self.

After a beautifully refreshing shower in a pristine bathroom with glistening marble walls and floors you return to Caroline wrapped with the only protection a light fluffy beautifully scented towel.

Caroline takes you on a journey where time and space lose all concept, as she glides and slides up and down your body with the warm nuru oil soaking into your cells you float away, relaxing, rejuvenating yet wildly invigorating. At times you will ask yourself if you both merged into one being, as the intimacy feels so incredible. It becomes a fusion of sensations total Nuru Heaven, touch, breath, desire, naked bodies entwined.

The memories of this day firmly imprinted on your memory you leave in a euphoric bubble of endorphins and natural pure unadulterated joy. The feeling of well-being lasted for days, as you would sit and smile to yourself reliving over and over again in your memory, you truly found one of London’s greatest secrets and for sure the best Nuru Massage in London.