Take A Break. Take a Naturist Massage in London

If you are working hard every day in London and you feel like you need something to take the edge of? We have the perfect solution –a beautiful sensual naturist massage and we have massage salons dotted all around London, so you can be sure we will have one near your office.

Our aim is that you can find the best naturist erotic massage in London, anywhere – in all areas. We have many therapists especially in West London W2, this is rather a hot spot for naturist massage services.

How can I take a break from work and get a naturist massage?

Imagine eating a quick lunch and then heading off to one of our stunning masseuse’s luxury massage parlor!

You’ll get to shower before and after the erotic massage so no one at work will sense the sensual and enticing oils that our masseuses have use. That will be our little secret, what happens at Nuru Massage London, stays with Nuru Massage London!!

Why should I do that?

A naturist erotic massage not only relaxes and invigorates you but it also detoxes your skin and whole body. Energy is also known to activate the creative side of your brain, so you will find yourself exceptionally sharp at work and bursting with enthusiasm, ideas, vision and strategies.

If you feel burdened and stuck at work, getting a quick break in and dashing out to your emergency service erotic masseuse will change your entire day from a drowning feeling to more like a surfing in Hawaii feeling.

You will also notice that you become more sociable when taking breaks with your colleagues and an overall oh popular person, if you radiate charisma and charm. An erotic massage in London isn’t only good for the body it’s good for the mind to so don’t forget that.

How long does a massage last?

You are always in control – meaning it can last as long as you want. However, we do have a one-hour policy. It takes some time for you to take your clothes off, have the massage, enjoy the massage, then explode with fulfilment, then have another shower and put your clothes back on. Your finishing explosion takes time with a naturist massage, we like you to build and build and build the energy first so it cumulates into a huge crescendo of pleasure.

Our masseuses take great pride in their work and always until the job is performed to standard of impeccable perfection in their private luxury massage parlors in central London. After all, there is no advertising like word-of-mouth.

Of course, if it’s an emergency you can leave whenever you wish we will not handcuff you to the bed, or will we? No just joking… or are we. Naturist massages can also be very naughty if you desire a little fetishy kink in your life, there are no limitations the fun we can have.

What effects do the oils have?

The oils have soothing effects on both the body and the mind. Also, each particular one can have its specific influences such as detoxing the skin and making it softer. Some oils can even scrub off the dead skin and moisturize it at the same time. Oils have been used since the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to help soothe the body and the mind.

Does the masseuse use lubricants on top of the sensual oils?

That is up to you and how you like it – you can have our gorgeous masseuse either work only with oils or add lubricant too when needed. Oils are very good to use as lubricant replacements, but if you are used to lubricant she will use that at your request.

With a naturist erotic massage, you are always in control even though the massage is done by the masseuse. You can also guide her if you so wish. Just make sure to always be respectful of our adorned massage goddesses.

Is the massage parlor discreet?

Yes, it’s discreet – it doesn’t have a banner outside drawing attention to passersby that there is an erotic massage parlor inside. Quite the contrary, the apartments are inside flats and show no sign outside that they are erotic massage parlors in London.

You can feel safe that no one at work will know that you are taking a break for releasing built-up sexual energy – they will just see a better you coming back from it!