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There are some very pleasurable secrets from the Ancient Japanese Massage, known as ‘Nuru Massage’ that have received a lot of curiosity recently in media. So I have decided to write a little description of how you can perform a Nuru Massage at home to your partner AND to give you a broader understanding of what a Nuru Massage actually is. I have also included some of its many proven health benefits to give you a deeper insight into why this massage is so good for your body .

So, what exactly is a Nuru Massage?

First fact Nuru massage originated in Japan! Nuru in Japanese means slippery quite aptly as that is exactly what the masseuse does. This treatment can be given by a skilled masseuse or of course by yourself. The body to body techniques are phenomenally pleasurable and you will find this experience is not only physically invigorating but it is highly sensually arousing and is considered a version of Tantric massages. The experience is both pleasurable for the receiver as well as the giver, masseuse/yourself.

A little about the special Nuru Gel?

Japanese Nuru Gel is a combination of natural herbs, known for the main content called Nori. This is extracted from the seaweed found deep in the waters on the coast of Japan. There are other botanical ingredients, all natural, such as grapefruit extract, aloe vera and a variety of other Japanese herbs. The mixture consists of a unique and slippery texture making it perfect for body slides. There are other popular health benefits from this natural gel as it contains anti-ageing formulas and moisturises deep into the cells of the skin, leaving a lasting glow for days.

Tell me more about Nuru massage!

To perform a Nuru massage it is normally done on a waterproof textured sheeting over the bed or can be done on a PVC air mattress. The reason for this although it may sound cold is that once the warm oil is applied, it is the perfect slippery texture to add sensuality to the experience. If you try to do this on towels, it is possible, but you are not maximising the slippery pleasure obtainable.

Often you need to add warm water with the ‘Nuru Gel’ this makes it just perfectly slippery for the desired results, or don’t worry you can buy pre-mixed ready to go Gel. As part of the experience it is extremely spectacular to watch the masseuse or perhaps your partner apply this to the front of their own bodies.

How to Give your Partner a Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is a massage for everybody whether you are in a relationship or single, everybody has the right to experience the health benefits and the sublime pleasure.

Here is a step-by-step guide how to perform a Nuru Massage so you can try this with your partner.

Step 1: Prepare for your Nuru Massage

Ensure that you have the PVC sheeting over the bed otherwise you will not be able to experience the full slippery slides. If you try to do this on the bed sheets or towels you will not experience the full impact. As with all Tantric and sensual experiences, it is important to create an ambient atmosphere, this is all part of the journey. If you are doing this at home with your partner ensure you pull the curtains, dim the lights, you can light some candles and play soft exotic music. Having a relaxing bath or steamy shared shower first can add to the whole sensuality and intimacy of the experience.

Step 2: Nuru Gel Preparation

Mix the water with the Nuru Gel, it comes as a transparent mixture or you can buy a ready mixed solution. Either way, heat the gel to room temperature.

Step 3: Connection through the eyes

Eye contact throughout this experience is a sensual enhancement for deepening connection. If you are performing this Nuru massage on your partner you will find that whilst you massage, connecting with the eyes raises the vibration and intimacy levels. It is the unspoken magical body language.

Step 4: Apply the Nuru Gel

Ask your partner to take in a few deep breathes allowing them to melt down into the experience. Placing your hand on the bottom of the tailbone and the other hand between the top of their shoulders and breathe with them. Consciously send them love.

Step 5: Body 2 Body Body slides

Start the massage from the feet and toes working up to the calf muscles and the larger thigh muscles. Using basic massage techniques such as effleurage, petrissage and long sweeping movements. Always work from the bottom to the top of your partner as remember energy flows upwards. You can work deeper into the buttock muscles using arms, elbows and hands.

Body Slides: Once you have completed your partners back massage with your hands, you can then place one knee either side of your partner, sit across the top of them. At this point you slowly lower yourself down onto the top of their buttocks with your chest and slowly slide your entire body up their back alternating the pressure from side to side & front to back as you slowly slide up their entire body. As you reach the top of your partner you will find you are able to breathe in their ears. You can enhance this experience by whispering positive affirmations, affirmations of endearment or simply allowing them to hear you breathe. As you reach the completion of each full body slide, allow your body to rest for a nanosecond on your partner, allowing for a deep connection, two bodies to become one as they fully merge into each other. You can alternate speeds, pressure and angles that you slide at.

Step 6: Exert Extra Pressure when needed

You can ask your partner as you are massaging them, if they would like more pressure or less pressure when it is suitable to do so.

Step 7: Turn onto Your Front

Once you have completed many body slides and you feel the energy vibration is high, whisper in your partners ear if they would like to gently turn around. Raising your whole body so that your weight is on your arms and hands, so as your partner turns around they meet your warm loving gaze, eye to eye.

At this point you can move slowly down starting with your partners feet.

Massaging slowly up the legs with long sweeping movements until you reach the upper thigh muscles and pelvis area.

At this point placing one hand either side of your partners hips lowering your chest into their body. Moving in slow circular motions with your chest as you slide up and down, moving around your partners abdomen and chest area. As you slide in the upwards direction, you will be able to rest your cheek next to their cheek and breathe around their neck and in their ear. This adds to the eroticism of the journey.

Once this is complete you can turn yourself around massaging their legs down to their feet as you straddle across them. Then switch this style again turning your body around straddling from the reverse angle and moving fluidly up sliding along their body and massaging with your hands as you go. Allowing them to watch you is a highly erotic experience.

Here are a few of the health benefits you will receive from Nuru Massage.

  • Alleviates Stress & Depression
    Inviting the body to release the happy hormones like oxytocin that leaves long-lasting feelings of contentment, achievement, courage and happiness.
  • Breaks down the fatty deposits in your body and helps to reduce cellulite
    Through the needing and rolling techniques used in Massage it is a well-known fact that this breaks down the fatty cells.
  • Improves Circulation & Blood Flow
    Massage stimulates the physical body and increases your circulation and blood flow rather like exercise.
  • Boosts the Immune Systems and improves Digestion.
    Nuru Massage will activate your immune system to start working, renewing cells and regenerating your body.
  • Helps with Controlling Sexual Energy
    Through experiencing this highly sensual massage you will intuitively learn how to control and circulate your sexual energy helping to combat performance issues.
  • Balancing the body with an explosion of pleasure
    As the vibration level has raised in your body and your Kundalini energy, (sexual energy) has been activated, along with the pleasure endorphins flooding your system, you will experience what is known as an out of body energy orgasm.

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