Liven up Your Erotic Life with the Help of the Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Leave it to Japan, a place where you can buy 2nd hand women’s used unmentionables from a vending machine to devising some of humanity’s greatest experiences. Nuru massage is the in thing nowadays and if no one has told you about Nuru massage, let me be the first!

Worthy of note is the fact that this massage came about during a period with a fair amount of limitations on paid sex work. Prostitution was banned, sex workers decided to find innovative ways to make bank by giving full body and body2body massages that felt just as pleasurable as sex.

Nude Nuru Massage

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While Nuru massage can be a prelude for sex, in itself it’s not sex and it does not have to lead to sex, but to find out if there are any illicit offerings, consult this awesome and comprehensive massage directory that includes London’s finest Tantric and Nuru Massage Sexperts.

Nuru Gel

Nuru gel has been used by the Japanese for centuries, as such, there really aren’t any safety concerns. It is 100% safe. They use a unique technique where a masseuse glides their body against yours, this is called body2body Nuru Massage. Both of you, the masseuse and yourself are completely naked. The Nuru masseuse typically applies a botanical mix of an odorless, taste-free, thick oil on you and herself after you strip yourselves. As you’ve probably gathered, this is some top-shelf exotic erotic massage.

What is Nuru Gel Made From?

Nuru gel is a beautiful mix distilled from seaweed leaves, completely natural. It’s possible to add in some other essential oils, like lavender and Jojoba extract which also have other amazing features. Nuru gel also has a powder variation that one can pre-ordered.

Nuru gel has numerous benefits with proven results, for instance, relieving sore muscles, it also leaves your skin moisturized, supple, and hydrated which reduces the signs of aging. It also helps to get rid of any toxic elements in your body. This massage requires professional training, your masseuse will use her wide array of understanding and training to deliver the techniques with the goal of eliminating bad toxins, be sure to go for the massage hydrated.

My Personal Favourite

My personal favorite benefit was the sexual journey of exploration with my partner. Turns out Nuru massage is a wonderful idea that you can use to liven things up in the bedroom. The next time your anniversary is up, don’t scramble for last-minute presents, just consult the best Tantric Massage Directory in London and pick one of our Nuru Massage therapists alternatively you could try a Tantric Massage to, both are highly erotic pleasures.

Giving your Partner a Nuru Massage at Home

Being lathered with the Nuru oil and slipping and sliding against your partner not only creates amazing sensations but it lets you feel connected with your partner on a different level. Other than a physical connection, the massage is intimate by nature, allowing you to improve your emotional connections as well and I guarantee your partner will love it.

Choosing a Nuru Massage with London’s best Nuru Massage Agency

Your stunning and highly experienced masseuse will skillfully apply the gel over every inch of your body.  During the massage your beautiful therapist will try to cover as much surface area as possible of your body with hers, using her body weight as the effleurage mechanism if you will. This will definitely result in powerful, tactile feelings that will relax and relieve stress from your body.

Before it begins, you will take a shower to ensure your body absorbs the gel, you will lay down on an air bed during the session, however if an airbed is unavailable to you, you can use a regular bed, of course adding a rubber fitted sheet on it to prevent the oil from draining all over the bed. The massage design will require a wide array of techniques such as kneading, rubbing, and fondling, occasionally the practitioner might make use of friction to give a multi sensorial journey.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is not exclusive only to men; in fact they are suitable for both sexes or to any sexual orientations. And while it is true that its origin was in Japan, erotic massages are currently offered throughout the western world, it now easily accessible.

Another variation of the massage is the traditional Japanese hot spring, also known as a Nuru Hot spring, it has a special attachment that brings the entire room to a soft and sensuous setting. To make this come about, you must add enough lukewarm water to the air mattress. As the water is heated, it begins to relax your muscles. You will feel like you have weightless legs and the tension in your back has been relieved.

I think it is safe to say you have not lived until you have had a nuru massage so consult the best massage agency in London under the’ Nuru Massage’ menu option.

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