prostate massage

Why Get a Prostate Massage?

Prostate Health

Prostate health is vital for long-lasting sexual enjoyment and successful functionality. Guess what though Prostate massage is enjoyable and healthy to boot! According to the experts, massaging the acupressure points is fabulous for prostate health. 

Prostate Function

The entire function of prostate massage is activating blood circulation to the location,  this, in turn, keeps the area healthy. Prostate massage is a medically healthy activity for all males even those who are not experiencing any complications or prostate abnormalities.

prostate massage


Prostate massage is now being more extensively advised as scientists find that prostate massage matches and increase the efficiency of prescription antibiotics, antimicrobials or organic treatments. 

The blood circulation stimulated around the prostate gland can prevent cancer and all kinds of problems especially in old age, which we all think will never come but inevitably does come to us all. 

Soo for once, something that feels highly pleasurable it’s actually for once beneficial for one’s health.

We have always known that the penis or in Tantra is called ‘wand of light’ brings the most pleasure into a man’s world so imagine our joy to find out that there is a hidden gem inside his body also. 

prostate massage

If I like Prostate massages does this mean I am gay ?

Most men associate any kind of anal stimulation as linked with homosexuality, which makes it almost taboo to the heterosexual male. But as our medical scientific research is advancing, the prostate massage is now becoming an excepted new normal. 

Rather than being linked to homosexuality it is in fact now linked to health and any man that receives a prostate massage is in fact looking after his health and well-being.

The real gem is that sometimes higher levels of ecstasy can be reached after a prostate massage in the actual ejaculation experience itself.

That if more men in the world enjoyed the fruits of prostate orgasms perhaps there would be less war in the world!

Choosing the right Prostate Massage Therapist

There are not many people skilled in the art of Prostate Massage one must be careful before booking a treatment and make sure the massage therapist is experienced and knows what she is doing. 

Prostate stimulation techniques similar to what’s called prostate milking can take men to new heights of Ecstasy and beyond. It is best to find a trained and skilled massage therapist through the best massage directory in London that if you have found this blog, you will be able to access through the link below.

In our extensive massage directory, you will find massage therapists that specialize in the art of prostate massage and you can be sure you are in safe hands, especially if you are a newbie.Book with any of our prostate massage expert and be guaranteed for a mind-blowing experience.

Prostate Milking

It is possible to carry out prostate milking externally by promoting the prostate using the perineum to access, however this technique is not always the best. The most successful way to milk the prostate is internally using a finger or special anal massage tool. If the prostate massage is performed at the same time as stimulating a man’s penis this can result in an all-encompassing full body orgasm.

If you are going to try to use the prostate massager at home, bear in mind that it does take some time to get used to. It is necessary to practice and experiment, everybody’s body is shaped differently and you need to spend intimate moments exploring first. Having said that once you have mastered the art you will be up and away, not only will you be able to indulge yourself with ecstatic pleasures, but you will also be improving your internal prostate gland health. 

Throughout the ejaculation the intense orgasmic muscle contractions will trigger the prostate massager to stimulate the prostate gland.

Routine use of a massager can significantly enhance erection control and improve sexual enjoyment, without using any medicine, pills or gadgets.

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